Well we had our walk through Padua and the environs. It was viciously hot and humid way more unbearable than Bologna. Our landlady even was complaining it was unlivable now until late September. Padua was nice, sweltering walk not withstanding, but it just had nothing of the energy and friendliness of Bologna. I was at a couple cafe’s here and people were nice enough but not super friendly, also much much younger crowd in Padua–even with the university not in session it was still many young people. Including kids who loved to hang out at the corner square and play music very loudly, in front of a sign forbidding them to do so.

But Padua isn’t the open air museum that Florence, Verona, or Bologna is but as you can see, the center has very charming squares.


The streets are also quaint but as you can see here commercial and new.

But many historical touches still delight the wanderer.

The Italian charm of the city is quite present in the center. However, get out of the center and the city is dominated by ugly modern university buildings and industrial commercial centers (not pictured).

Nice terrace for dinner outside our apartment (on the corner there is an amazing Focaccia bakery with a long line to order something when they are open). padua – 1

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