UPDATE Buying a house in italy? Except to pay more than you think

I read with great alarm the premiums and taxes one has to pay in order to buy a house in italy. If you are not buying a fixer-upper this can be a very substantial part of the purchase price from 25% all the way up to 40% for houses classed as luxury houses.

Using this article from The Local as a guide (https://www.thelocal.com/20190717/buying-a-house-in-italy-as-a-foreigner-the-costs/) I created a spreadsheet you can download and play with the Prices, currency conversion as well as adjust costs for your specific situation.  This spreadsheets is solely a numerical interpretation of that article and refer to that article for specifics. This spreadsheet is also intended to be taken with a grain of salt as a ballpark figure estimator your own house costs can be both substantially higher or lower due to special circumstances (e.g. building your own home has a significantly lower IVA tax).

UPDATE: I have since heard of an innacuracy in The Local article many houses will not pay IVA over the purchase price but only over services. I have updated the spreadhseet to reflect this. The first worksheet shows taxes just on services while the second worksheets shows if you have to pay IVA over the purchase price. Check your locality to see which system is applicable to your house.

Excel version

Italian house purchase estimator

Numbers version for Mac users

Italian house purchase estimator

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