Three ring binders in the 21st Century

As I prepare for my November application to the Italian Consulate I am already assembling the documentation I have been requested to provide.  This will also help me from any last minute rush or at least mitigate such rush.  Reading other blogs and I thought I would a get a tabbed binder to assemble everything. Easy, structured, and clear–wrong! This ½ inch binder was quickly overflowing (6 months–currently 3 months of which I have–of bank statements for 3 banks is taking up ALOT of room.

This was easily going to overfill as I had less than ½ of the required documents. So I went back to the store an purchased a three hole punch and larger nice (imitation leather) Notebook, larger size. 1 inch.

This laughably old school approach is the most flexible and future proof solution I could come up with. I’ll use tabbed pocket separators for the important official documents and the three hole punch for the lesser important ones. This will keep the contents of the tabbed pockets to an easy minimum but a easy way to keep these things like six months of bank statements (required by the SF consulate–bless their little hearts if you are reading this).

So my journey begins: foraging the internet, my financial institutions and various state governments. Here is my Italian visa scavenger list:



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