Day 10: Genoa to Parma

In the last day at Genoa, I took Minne and the girls to see the sights they missed: The Chiesa del Jesu with the Ruebens, the duomo and a few other sites. And then it was off to city number 4: Parma, which was at one time considered the lead city to move to but I was worried how hot it would be. And thanks to the random workings of apple we will work out day backwards

Our first impressions of Param was one of cicadas roaring in your ear and truly beautiful if simple scenery.

Sarah spotted a terrace she wanted go stop at and i twas Aperitivo time so it was an excellent suggestion. Our drinks arrived with the famous ‘stuzzichini’ or appetite stimulating little pieces of food.

Statue of Parmigiana, the famous painter

The regional opera house. IMG_9867

The peace palace.


The last views of Genoa from our morning walk

Chiesa del Gesu

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