Conclusion: Bologna

This concludes my summer trip to Italy. It was a huge success. It was also a great moment of reuniting with Minne. By moving to Italy I will be spending much more time with my daughters and Minne has been very supportive in that.

One strange thing is that everyone in the family firmly agreed Bologna would be the best place for me to move to. It was dynamic as a big city without being a huge city. The city is mostly flat which invites bicycling (assuming I don’t get a villa in the hills).

It’s beauty and charm just seem to wash all over you. Enchanting squares, palaces and churches–and for those who are envious of Tuscany, they even have a leaning tower.

For my friends it invites, easily, multiple visits. Whether to visit all this dear city has to offer, or to take a half hour train to Florence, or the 1 ½ hour train to Venice, a hike in the nearby Apennine Mountains. Or to jump in the car for a weekend in the wine country of the Alto Adige (and a walk among the Dolomites), or Fruili-Veneto. Or a day trip to taste Chianti or Barolo. Take a drive in an hour to a Modena Balsamic Acetaio or a Parmigiana Factory. To take the train to Genoa, or Santa Margherita (I may get a special discount rate for all the times I may end up there!). A short drive to friends in Switzerland, Montepellier. And a very quick plane hop to Sardinia, Paris, and my family in Amsterdam.

So, there it is. A voyage and now a destination. Thank you for following me on my journey it means a lot to me your encouragement and comments.

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  1. I’m definitely coming to visit after you move there! In 1995, I spent a semester in Florence and was sure I would have returned by now. I have missed it over the years. It will be so fun to hang out in Italy with you when it is your home.

    I have had fun reading along as you’ve taken this journey. Thank you.

  2. Well accomplished Jonathan! And you certainly don’t have to sell it in terms of visitors – we hope to be there.
    I hope you are enjoying the plane flight back.

  3. Bologna! Molte bene!!! Once you’ve returned and all settled in, can’t wait to visit the next time we’re visiting family in Switzerland!!! Given the shenanigans of some passengers on airline flights I hope you had an eventless flight back! Until soon…

    1. The return flight was a nightmare but because of the shenanigans of the airline. Delta is awful. First the luggage door would not close. Then something else, the airline wouldn’t admit what until the people in the back complained of the heat and then they had to admit it was the air conditioning. In the 5 hour delay, Delta did NOTHING to make the experience any easier on the passengers.
      I must say the passenger were all well behaved on all the flights. We even got thanks from the airline crew.
      Look forward to seeing you in Bologna. Parma and Modena are a short drive away and Florence only 30 minutes by train.

  4. Good to hear that you’ve made a choice! And now you ‘only’ have to find the place of your dreams in (or around) Bologna… Fingers crossed!

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