Messages from Italy Prologue

Hello Everyone, I am planning a trip to Italy as the first part in a series of voyages that will help me determine where I would like to live when I retire. My first trip is departing Wednesday 7 July 2021. The COVID crisis is either over or at a suitable lull that it permits travel. Especially to those who have been totally vaccinated, as I have. My flight was originally scheduled as a special covid-test flight where there was a considerable testing regimen that had to be followed. These have now all been cancelled if you have proof of vaccination, which I do. But since the COVID tests are prepaid i will still try it for safety sake.

So now, the voyage starts the day after tomorrow. watch this space for messages from Italy. Expect the first post in a day or two. Tomorrow (7 July) I leave for Rome.

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  1. Buono viaggio!
    PS: Looking forward to your blog journaling your upcoming trip. Please include photos. :-))

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