In the age of Trump What kind of Jew will you be?

Today our electoral college, our last line in defense of fascism will officially elect a fascist dictator to the US presidency. Our country is on the precipice of its final destruction as a democracy. An authoritarian regime is about to take over. One so completely divorced from democracy that they currently aim to harm the very people who elected them. So does this mean we are doomed? No. We can descend into fascism, but we can also descend into chaos. Or we can repeat the last 8 years and descend into gridlock with a bad taste in our mouths.

The Putsch?

Apart from literature, current events pull at my attention. Donald Trump's stunning takeover of the Republican Party. His candidacy, I originally saw as a joke. This joke has gotten very serious. I am very concerned for the message his ascendancy sends about America. The threat and concern that many groups of people, Women, Muslims and Latinos, must now feel. My Jewish background compells me to call this out and state uncategorically America must defeat Defeat Trump and the attitudes that allow him to flourish.

Family and politics

The personal is political. How one leads one's life is a political act. And for no one was that more true than the early years of Jamie Goldberg.  He went to school in the so-called tolerant North. Yet he bumps up against racism he associates with the Deep South. This happens when his mother, a political activist, fights to integrate his school, that is to allow African-American children, who live nearby, to attend the currently all Caucasian school. He finds himself ostracized and in a dilemma: his friends ostracize him for his mother's political views. But they attack his mother.

Blocking it out

To start I want to point out that because this kind of sexual abuse occurs very early in life, victims have a tendency to block them out of their mind. They block them out because they cannot deal with them or understand them. This means they do not consciously think about them or possibly even remember the event(s). Yet even though they are ‘blocked out of their mind’ the fact that it did occur and did happen still scars them. What I mean is, they suffer in some form or other due to this incident.