LGBTQ and Christian Fundamentalists? One SDA man's story of self-acceptence

There are many Christian Fundamenetalists who also happen to be homosexual, if not a member of the LGBTQ community.  My late partner, Dr. Morris Taylor knows first hand the pain and suffering these people go through. He was a leader in the Seventh Day Adventist community. Below is the text of an address Dr. Taylor gave to the San Diego Adventist Forum telling and sharing his journey in grappling with Christian Fundamentalism and his own identity. I beleive this can be both a comfort and inspiration to anyone struggling or questioning their sexual identity.

The Era of Incompetence: Black Lives Matter, but does the United States Government?

Since 2016, we’ve entered the Era of incompetence, or if you like, the Counter-Enlightenment (or if you prefer the Un-enlightentment or the Anti-Enlightenment). Science, Factual Knowledge, Rationality have been replaced by "Saying makes it so" neo-Medieval Do It Yourself Reality culture. Scientific facts, reality, reason, things we had taken for granted have been blatantly and crudely attacked.

Black Lives Matter: the new equality

George Floyd will not have lived in vane. He is igniting a crucial moment in American history. Now is the time to rise to the situation.

COVID Shut down, shelter in place, death counts, these were the top of mind concerns of the country. The news was an endless drone of the same pandemic. Even as the occasional story would touch on how minorities were being disproportionately effected both economically and in health, still the main concern was the virus and what to do about it. That's all changed now.

Volume II of the Goldberg Variations Delayed until September

The Coronalvirus has caused an enormous amount of rescheduling and various delays to the publishing supply chains.  My publisher is redesigning the book launch for Volume II of the Goldberg Variations, The Redemption of the Damned, to be virtual, if necessary.  The good news is I can do book readings, and other events remotely to anywhere in the world. So, please, if you know if a venue that might be ingterested in a book reading around September, please let me know.

Here is the complete text of the ArnoLand Press announcement:

Volume 2 of the Goldberg Variations is coming!

I have great news to report: I have a publication date for Volume II of The Goldberg Variations.  For the details, I'll just copy the announcement from the ArnoLand Press:

"This is by far the most ambitious venture I have ever attempted, I wanted to take the journey of Jamie Goldberg to its inevitable conflicts that Jamie has wanted to so dearly put off," stated Jonathan Taylor the author of new forthcoming entry into The Goldberg Variations series, The Redemption of the Damned.

Press Release for The Rites of Passage


Review Jonathan Taylor’s  LGBT underground hit, The Rites of Passage (ISBN: 978-0-9995336-3-5, Library of Congress 2018910022)

The Rites of Passage. It is already receiving critical acclaim:

The Kirkus Review stated, “Jamie is thoughtful and highly sympathetic, and readers will be happy to follow him through the formative years of his youth. Taylor succeeds in capturing various moments (however painful or awkward) and revealing their importance.

The Rites of Passage Picked up by ArnoLand Press

The Rites of Passage, the first installment in my Goldberg Variations series was just picked up by alternative publisher, ArnoLand Press.

The book will hit the bookstores in October.  They also picked up an option on the finished version of Jamie's Early Years.

The plan is to sell the book both as an electronic book (Kindle, Nook) as well as a printed volume.