To start I want to point out that because this kind of sexual abuse occurs very early in life, victims have a tendency to block them out of their mind. They block them out because they cannot deal with them or understand them. This means they do not consciously think about them or possibly even remember the event(s). Yet even though they are ‘blocked out of their mind’ the fact that it did occur and did happen still scars them. What I mean is, they suffer in some form or other due to this incident. We see this in the very first chapter of Jamie’s Early Years, when a simple child’s game goes wrong and Jamie feels a deep sense of shame about it. It’s immediate effects are the development of a self-blame, and for Jamie he takes on a self-imposed sense of low-self esteem, the feeling that he deserved feeling bad for doing something ‘wrong’.  But as will quickly happen, the event will be blocked and he won’t think of it any more. What he will be left with is a mysterious sense of low self esteem without the memory of its original cause. This has the pernicious effect of making the victim feel they are a shameful person by definition and for no apparent reason. It also leaves nothing to relate to his parents, who never know what has happened, thereby depriving Jamie and his parents of being able to process or think the problem through. This makes Jamie vulnerable to what happens later in the book.