The Transgender World Take Over International Conspiracy

With so many people saying they are transgender or non-binary some people may think that this is a sign of a world take over of the dimensions of the age of the body snatchers. Well I can rest assure you that this is not the case. Having much experience with transgender people, including my daughter–and having my own experience as well–I was once asked by my late husband to put on lipstick, I feel confident to say that it is not the case that there is an increase of transgender people or non-binary gendered people, rather the fascist grip of gender has been loosened. I have 5 points I want to make very quickly:

  1. Given the immense privileges of males in our society, it is little wonder that someone growing up as a female would not want to question gender identity and challenge the male hegemony (from which I have so lucratively profited). Why would anyone want to submit to a gender identification that is pre-labelled second class citizen? And indeed we know many women (Joan of Arc to George Sand to Ellen Degeneres–that’s an interesting series of people, I’ll revise it later–readers feel free to suggest) who have done exactly that and they have paved the way for many others to follow.
  2. Given the strict behavior definitions fo people of all genders it is little wonder that if given half the chance that everyone wouldn’t question their gender and then redefine themselves on their own terms. I think in this we see a true Nietzschean uber…..(yeah finish it….). Nietzsche saw the more perfected person as the one who can embrace and love themselves and their bodies for what *the person themselves* define that to be. Had Nietzsche been born now, I can easily hear him discuss the tyranny of gender norms. So now, be revolting against gender norms new terms have been created.
  3. The new plethora of gender terms: from MtF/FtM to transitioning to non binary to questioning and to (my personal favorite) gender agnostic, etc., all point to the solitary fact that a person has their identity and gender is nothing less than what Sartre (again if he lived in this more enlightened era) would call bad faith (mauvaise fois). Even if 2 people agree on a definition, I am sure on closer examination that have somehow made those definitions their own.
  4. Once you accept transgender as a norm, it then stands to follow that gender is no longer a norm and people begin to question it. The the very meaning of gender falls into question. why doesn’t everyone question it?  Well, i think some people like to be submissive to gender norms especially those who profit most from them.  And that’s true regardless what gender identity you claim.
  5. Lastly I want to observe my own daughter, she tells me she does not want to be a boy, does not feel like a girl. She likes both her bikini and her binder, both her boy clothes and her dresses. She is under no obligation to make it intelligible into a thing, reify her gender for the pleasure of the gender fascist. I think gender is probably similar to homosexuality, where there is a gradient scale, which if true leaves most of the world both bisexual and non-binary. But those who mostly find themselves on one side of the scale can repress their other side. But why would they want to?

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