Press Release for The Rites of Passage


Review Jonathan Taylor’s  LGBT underground hit, The Rites of Passage (ISBN: 978-0-9995336-3-5, Library of Congress 2018910022)

The Rites of Passage. It is already receiving critical acclaim:

The Kirkus Review stated, “Jamie is thoughtful and highly sympathetic, and readers will be happy to follow him through the formative years of his youth. Taylor succeeds in capturing various moments (however painful or awkward) and revealing their importance.

The Rites of Passage Picked up by ArnoLand Press

The Rites of Passage, the first installment in my Goldberg Variations series was just picked up by alternative publisher, ArnoLand Press.

The book will hit the bookstores in October.  They also picked up an option on the finished version of Jamie's Early Years.

The plan is to sell the book both as an electronic book (Kindle, Nook) as well as a printed volume.