This is a novel I am publishing on line. Every week I will publish a new chapter. Parts of this work were previously published on Wattpad. However unlike that publication this one will contain improvements and refinements.  I hope you enjoy the novel. Feel free to comment, share and discuss.


Jamie Goldberg struggles to understand life. He is faced with many traumas, yet till find the spirit to survive. He lives in a world where he already senses he is misunderstood (he will later find out he is gay but he is too young to know this in the beginning). On this journey he meets an extraordinary cast of characters both good ones and evil ones, yet telling the difference is more difficult than it appears. He gropes for understanding against the backdrop of a political activist family during the Detroit 1967 Riots. He struggles to make sense of a world he is not prepared to understand. Though he may be overwhelmed, and sometimes the odds are stacked against him, he still pushes onward in his struggle to be himself ... if he only knew that really means!


Before embarking on this journey of Jamie Goldberg's life and tribulations I want to add just a short forward. The main reason is that this work deals with the very touchy subject of child abuse and a child's reaction to it. If you have a problem with this subject matter than you probably should skip this story. Having said that, I am open to all comments, suggestions, and discussions on this topic that I care very passionately about. If you have more private comments you wish to make please don't hesitate to send me a private message (jonathan at

This story takes place in Detroit, Michigan in the 1960's. It is a prelude to a full length novel I am writing. The story follows Jamie Goldberg's upbringing in Detroit, Michigan and climaxes during the 1968 riots, when he is only 8 years old, and the traumatic experiences he undergoes in the Riot's aftermath. It is also an illustration of how something traumatic can happen to a child with the parents unaware that it is even taking place. They see symptoms but never any cause. Jamie's journey is a tale of perseverance and survival even in the face of many challenges children should not have to face.

I am also working on an audio version of this book. I will post audio chapters as they become available. In the meantime, please let me know if anyone can recommend an audio recording/editing software for the Mac or iOS?

I also have a blog on this site and in it I will sporadically update as the need arises. For example, I discuss many topics that are raised in the book but not covered in details. I also can write on topics by request, please don't hesitate to ask what something means or if something needs to be clarified.



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